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About Us

The Copper Sinks & Bath Company was formed in Australia in 2013 to meet the demand of discerning copper sink and bath purchasers.

In January 2018 we proudly opened our first in house electroplating facility specifically allowing any item that requires an antique copper or bronze finish including but not limited to tapware orders to be finished time effectively in house to a specific finish and quality that is only achievable by being 100% in control of all aspect  of the manufacturing process.

This new capability was introduced to meet the growing demand for high quality faucets showers, and bathroom accessories to be offered within Australia and New Zealand, in a time effective, consistent and uniquely beautiful way.

Due to the knowledge learnt we have a team of in house polishers and finishers that are well adept at our standard finishes, but also happy and capable of delivering a consistent look that is specific to you and your client , if you are requiring a lighter patina on your faucet or a heavy dark aged look we can work with you to get the specific look agreed and then reproduce on your entire order.


Copper sinks and baths are beautiful to look at and have some unique self cleaning properties that make them the most hygienic options to bath within.

Due to the natural formation of copper oxide bacteria is illiminated as it forms, creating a germ free environment safe for all to enjoy.

All Copper Sink & Bath Company products are manufactured by hand using 14 gauge copper sheet, to ensure design durability and authenticity.

Along with tapware and accessories we specialize in copper sinks and baths and pride ourselves on being experts in our field offering a wide range of knowledge and products to assist you in your copper bath/sink selection process.

Copper is our passion and we look forward to working with you as your chosen copper sink & bath supplier in the near future.

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